When Should I Clean My AC Duct?

15 Nov. 21

When Should I Clean My AC Duct?

AC ducts are one of the most important components for your HVAC system. If these ducts become clogged or dirty, it can be detrimental to the performance and efficiency of your entire system. So when should you clean them? The short answer is: as soon as dirt starts accumulating on them! There are many signs that indicate that you need to take action ASAP, so we’ll go over each one in detail below.

Your indoor air quality is not good

AC ducts accumulate a lot of dust and other pollutants from the outside world and when they’re not cleaned for a long time, your indoor air quality can become terrible. If you notice any of the following symptoms: coughing, sneezing or an itchy throat; irritated eyes; headaches; feeling tired all day; shortness of breath (especially if you only experience these problems at home); then it’s very likely that your AC ducts are the cause.

Your system is not cooling properly anymore

One of the worst things that can happen to you during a hot summer day is for your air conditioning unit to stop working. Well if this has happened in recent summers and it’s accompanied by these symptoms: high electric bills; your system turns on but it does not cool the air at all even when you adjust it to a lower temperature setting; or if you notice that your house is always hotter than what would be expected for your outdoor weather conditions, then this is another sign of problems with the AC ducts. You might need professional help here because there could be other problems with the system.

Your system is not cooling properly anymore

The unit is less efficient than before

If you notice that your air conditioning unit’s performance has decreased over time, this could be another sign of dirty AC ducts or other issues with your HVAC system. If the dirt in these components builds up too much, it can cause insufficient airflow and make your whole house cool down too slowly or not at all. This can greatly increase your electric bills while also making you feel uncomfortable in the house, especially during summer days!

Your energy bills are high even though temperatures have dropped

This is another sign that something with your AC ducts isn’t working properly anymore. When these components get clogged by dirt and dust, it can take a toll on your HVAC system’s performance.

If any of these symptoms have been going on for a while and no home improvement company seems to be able to solve the issue, you might need to call a professional HVAC company. They will be able to inspect your system and make sure there is no clogging or other issues with these components!