10 Jan. 22

A 5-Step Plan to Keep Your Wall Color in Prime Condition

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed the color on the walls looked different than what it did when you left? You might not be imagining things. Wall colors can change over time due to exposure to sunlight, humidity, and other environmental factors. Luckily for you we have 5 helpful tips that will help keep your wall colors in prime condition!

Use the Best Quality Paint You Can Afford

It sounds simple, but you would be surprised at how many people try to get by with a cheap paint job just because they are on a budget. Cheap paints tend not to have as much pigment in them, which means that they will fade more quickly than high quality paints will. A good rule of thumb is if your room gets lots of natural light, use an eggshell finish and for rooms without windows or low-light areas, go ahead and choose semi-gloss or gloss finishes!

Add a Bit of Shade for Better Color Retention

Walls painted white reflect all kinds of light, thereby causing colors around it to change over time, while darker wall colors absorb most types of light, which helps keep your wall color in prime condition. If you want to use a lighter paint for an accent wall, try using it on the bottom half of your walls and save the top halves unpainted or painted with a darker shade!

Go For Semi-gloss Or Gloss Finishes

As mentioned before, semi-gloss and gloss finishes tend to hold their colors better than other types of paints do because they have more pigment added into them. This makes them thicker than other paints, so it is harder for them to fade over time. They also act as great hiding coats, so if any touch ups need to be done after moving furniture around, etc., this type of finish makes it so much easier for you!

Invest In A Paint Sealer

If your wall paint is starting to chip or peel, invest in a good quality paint sealant and use it on top of the existing color. It will help protect against scratches and chips that can lead to peeling over time as well as fading from sunlight exposure. You should also apply this product if you are painting new walls with darker colors, because it helps keep their true shade longer than lighter colors do, which means no more having to touch up your white walls every few years just to maintain prime condition!

Keep the Trim Painted and Touch Up Any Chips or Scratches As Soon As They Happen

If you have your trim painted a darker color than the walls, just use the same type of paint that is on your walls to touch up any chips or scratches. If it has been over three years since you last repainted and are looking for an easy way to do this without having to buy more paint, try using nail polish! Use two coats if necessary, but make sure not to get any drips because they will show when dry!

Now that we’ve shared our helpful tips with you about keeping wall colors in prime condition, go ahead and use them next time you’re painting so that everyone can enjoy this new look longer while staying within budget at the same time.