8 Things You Can Do to Prevent Mould Growth in Your Home

09 Nov. 21

8 Things You Can Do to Prevent Mould Growth in Your Home

It is important to be aware of mould growth in your home. Mould can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks, so it’s best to get rid of the problem before it gets worse. This blog post will teach you 8 things that you can do at home to prevent mould from growing on surfaces that are damp or wet for long periods of time.

Clean it up

If you see mould growing on a surface in your home, clean it right away. Remove the source of moisture and use disinfectant to make sure all germs are killed.

Check for moisture

If you find mould growing on your walls, it’s important to check if there is any moisture behind the wall. Drywall often gets soaked with water and must be replaced right away or else dangerous fungi will grow in these moist areas.

Ventilation is vital

If you have a crawl space or an attic, make sure it is well ventilated so moisture doesn’t build up inside the structure. This means having vents for airflow throughout the area where there’s no access to fresh air.

Don’t let things get out of hand

If you see mould, don’t ignore it until the problem gets out of hand. By then, more structural damage will occur and costly repairs may be necessary before you can fix the issue at its root cause. So, if you notice a little bit of mould growing on surfaces in your home, take care of it as soon as possible.

Call a professional to inspect air ducts

Use fans or dehumidifiers

Use dehumidifiers or fans to remove excess humidity from the air in damp areas like bathrooms and basements.

Fix leakeages

Fix any leaks that may be causing water damage around pipes or under sinks as soon as possible, so they don’t cause further problems with mould growth. It is important not to ignore these kinds of issues because if left for too long, even small amounts of water can lead to black mold appearing inside your walls which will take much more effort, time, money etc. to get rid of than just doing some quick cleaning!

Replace carpets with mould growth

If mould is growing on your carpet, you’ll want to replace it or have it professionally cleaned right away. You can also remove the moisture and disinfect the area so that all germs are killed and no mould will grow again in its place. This will prevent any allergic reactions from occurring due to daily exposure to these microorganisms.

Call a professional to inspect air ducts

If you find mould growing in your air ducts, call a professional to come and inspect the area for safety purposes. Mould can cause respiratory problems when it’s present inside ventilation systems, so make sure everything is clean before using this system again.

By following the tips mentioned above, you will be able to keep mould away from your home.